Wicked Fun Halloween Sex: Channel Your Inner Bat

You knew Bruce Wayne was damn sexy, but did you ever wonder why he chose a bat as his superhero avatar? A group of scientists in China may have uncovered Batman’s, um, mind-blowing sex secret: female bats give great head.

Apparently bats not only engage in fellatio, the female short-nosed fruit bats (Cynopterus sphinx) who go down on their males also prolong intercourse by a significant margin, possibly increasing their chance for successful fertilization. That may not be the end you had in mind, but hello, couples-trying-for-babies! Now you have even more reason to request or offer a little up-front down-low. Or a lot.

The team doing the research filmed the sexual encounters of 60 fruit bats captured from a local park, and revved up their peeping Tom genes by carefully studying the bats as they made dark, furry whoopee. (I’m thinking this team had plenty of eager interns.)

70% of the videos in which the bats engaged in sex featured fellatio, and those bat pairings scored an average of 100 seconds more sex than the sad couples who only got it for their usual average of 2 minutes.

Do you suppose bats do it upside down? Not that I’m recommending anything, but I totally see how this might work.

Anyway, maybe these lucky flying furballs will inspire you this Halloween. There’s certainly something to be said for great head. In the animal world (of which we are a part!) it’s helping couples get more sex, for longer periods of time. So get down and channel your inner bat!

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